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Opus and Archiving Services

To support libraries in their open-access activities, the KOBV-Zentrale provides as a service: Installation and operation of local publication servers in a common environment as well as archiving of electronic documents in library-specific repositories. In this context, the KOBV-Zentrale is the Application Service Provider (ASP) for all technical components of the publication process.

This service includes:

  • Provision of a high-performance server with high reliability
    • Libraries do not have buy and operate a server on their own.
  • Operation and maintenance of the software (Opus) is done by the KOBV-Zentrale
    • Installation of the library-specific Opus instance
    • Installation of releases and upgrades
    • Migration to higher software versions
  • Migration of existing publication servers, if required
  • Data archiving
    • Provision of storage space
    • Data management, reliable data storage and back-up services
  • Permanent addressing of documents via URN
  • Provision of open interfaces (OAI-PMH)
  • Consulting with respect to DINI certification and provision of the technical infrastructure for the DINI certification

Further Information:

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